【真人实境】孩子们终于向父母坦承隐藏多年的秘密 (Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret)

So.(所以)We're even now.(我们现在扯平了)Oh, no, no, we're not even.(才没有,我们才没有扯平)

四种恋爱类型,你是哪一种? (The Four Love Types : Explorer, Builder, Director, And Negotiator)

The four types of love: which one are you?(这四种恋爱类型,你是哪一种?)The idea of a soulmate is one found throughout all of popular culture.(追求「灵魂伴侣」在我们的大众文化里非常普遍。)For example, the idea you could meet someone on a train and fall in love instantly.(举例来说,你可能在火车上遇见一个人并立刻陷入恋爱的这个憧憬。)

该如何面对失败以及对失败的恐惧? (How To Deal With Failure (And The Fear Of It))

I've failed a lot.(我失败过很多次。)I've done entire stand-up comedy sets where no one laughed, uploaded videos that have huge dislike ratios, and I've bombed countless auditions, pitches and meetings.(我主持过脱口秀然后没有任何人觉得好笑,上传影片然后被按不喜欢的比例超高,也曾搞砸过无数的试镜、推销活动以及会议面谈。)And failing in the moment is hard, right?(失败的当下很要人命,对吧?)

天啊!老板想加我脸书怎么办?(What Happens When Your Boss Friend Requests You On Facebook | Elite Daily)

- Oh... I love pizza... - Oh my god!(- 噢!我超爱披萨... - 噢!我的妈啊!)What? You don't love pizza?(什么?你不喜欢披萨?)- Mrs. Jennings just friend requested me on Facebook. - Shut up, what are you gonna do?(- 是Jennings,她刚刚寄给我脸书的好友邀请 - 天啊,你要怎么办?)

实在太尴尬!讨厌寒暄的时候该怎么做? (What to Do If You Hate Small Talk)

A lot of discomfort about going to social engagements is rooted in what can sound like a rather high-minded concern: a hatred of small talk.(在社交场合中感到不自在的原因往往是讨厌寒暄,这个看似高傲的理由。)We can develop a dread of parties because we know how likely we are to end up wedged into conversations about the weather, parking, traffic or the way we plan to spend the forthcoming holidays.(我们变得害怕人群,因为我们知道自己最后将被迫闲聊关于天气、找车位、交通,或是接下来的假期安排。)When there would be so many deeper and more dignified topics to address.(但明明有许多更深入、更严肃的话题可以讨论。)

当你在亲朋好友的 po 文发现只有你没被揪的时候... (When you're not invited)

You know what I love?(你们猜我喜欢做什么?)Oh my god!(天啊!)Hi five, girl!(击个掌吧!女孩!)

人际关系好重要!如何在他人面前留下好印象?(How To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet)

Meeting new people can be intimidating.(认识新朋友可能是件很可怕的事)Instead of worrying about how to make yourself feel comfortable,(不用去担心你该怎么做才会觉得舒服)shift your attitude to focus on making the people around you feel comfortable.(你反而该转移重点到如何让你身旁的人感到舒服)

你来自有毒家庭吗?6 个出身自有毒家庭的征状 (6 Side Effects of Toxic families)

Actress Angelina Jolie had a chaotic relationship with her father growing up.(在安洁莉娜裘莉的成长过程中,她和父亲的关系极为紧张。)As a result, she became estranged from him and even changed her last name to disconnect from all her painful memories.(因此她逐渐与父亲疏远,甚至改了姓以切断过去的痛苦回忆。)She says, "I don't believe that somebody's family becomes their blood, families are earned."(她说:「我不相信血浓于水的感情,家庭是需要用心经营的。」)

擦肩而过的瞬间,你也感受到什么了吗? (Moment of Tangency: A Glimpse of What Might Have Been)

Moment of tangency.(擦肩而过的瞬间)You and I have never met many times before.(你和我并没有见过很多次面)Our paths might have crossed once or twice online,(也许我们在网路上有交会过一两次)

八个你可能说过的小谎言 (8 Little Lies You've Probably Told)

Hey, did you get my text?(嘿!你有收到我的简讯吗?)Oh, no. I think my phone is on silent.(喔,没有。我想我的手机应该关静音了)Oh, okay. (cell phone rings)(喔好吧 (电话响起))

这样会不会太过分?天生没有同理心怎么办! (What If You're Born Without Sympathy & Empathy?)

Hey there, and welcome to Life Noggin.(哈囉,欢迎来到 Life Noggin。)You're watching a friend hang a picture on the wall of your house.(你正看着朋友在你家墙上挂一幅照片。)She swings the hammer.(她举起铁锤。)

多数?少数?这世界比你想的还大多了 (You Are Not The Majority)

It's easy to feel like the way we experience life is generally the same for others.(我们很轻易就认为我们的生活模式基本上和别人相同)But did you realize that the majority of people in this world don't actually have the internet?(但你知不知道其实世界上大部份的人并没有网路可以使用?)About 3.5 billion people or only 40% of the world has an internet connection today, meaning this digital reality we experience is actually done so by a minority of people in the world.(大约 35 亿人,或是 40% 的人才有网际网路,这代表和我们处在的数位世界其实只被少数人群享有。)

乘法你还会吗?成人做小学三年级的数学题,结果成绩... (Adults Take A 3rd Grade Math Test)

I was a Biology and Science major.(我以前是主修生物科学的)I'm probably gonna get four right.(我可能只会对四个吧)So I have a minute to do this?(我只有一分钟做完全部吗?)

【带你去旅行】布拉格的 10 个必玩景点! (Top 10 Things To Do in PRAGUE)

So, you're going to Prague, but you don't know what to do?(你要去布拉格却不知道该去哪些地方吗?)Well, you've come to the right place.(那你真的是选对影片了!)We're Alex and Marko.(我们是 Alex 和 Marko。)

【广告裁判精选】如果名人的毕册照片会说话,他们会这样对你说 (All-New Honda CR-V 2017 Big Game Commercial - Yearbooks)

When you start out,(在一刚开始)you might not know where you're going(你可能不知道你会到哪里)or what you're doing,(或你在做什么)

为什么画答案卡一定要用 HB 铅笔? Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?

You probably know the drill: You're handed an exam, and you're told you need to fill out(你可能很熟悉这个情况:你拿到考试卷,有人告诉你需要)the bubbles completely, and then reminded that -- for reasons that no one ever explains(完全涂满答案格,并被提醒只能使用 2 号铅笔)-- you can only use a number 2 pencil!(而且也没有告诉你为什么!)

你也讨厌香菜吗?为什么这么多人都恨它恨得牙痒痒的呢? (Why Do Some People Hate Cilantro?)

Cilantro is one of the most common herbs in the world.(香菜是世界上最常见的草本植物之一。)But unlike any other, this little leaf is infamous for it's polarizing love-it-hate-it reaction among foodies.(但跟其他草本家族不同,这片小小的叶子可是引起了吃货们非常两极的反应。)It's kind of like the Benedict Cumberbatch of taco toppings.(有点像是班奈狄克.康柏拜区牌的墨西哥玉米饼酱。)

似曾相识的感觉到底是怎么来的呢? (What Causes Déjà Vu?)

Hey there, welcome back to Life Noggin.(嘿,欢迎回到 Life Noggin 频道)Have you ever had that eerie feeling that you're reliving a past experience?(你是否也曾经有过那个诡异的感觉,好像重活了一次过往的经历?)Maybe you're traveling to New York City for the first time and it feels strangely familiar.(也许你第一次去纽约,但却觉得异常的熟悉)

飞鸽传书是真的吗?鸟儿真的可以千里送信?(Can Birds Actually Deliver Messages?)

We see it in movies and TV shows all the time.(我们常在电影或是电视剧里看到)Birds delivering messages.(鸟儿传送讯息的剧情)Whether it's a historical drama or the ravens in Game of Thrones,(不管是历史剧或是在权力游戏(影集)中的渡鸦)

如何终结网路战争?(How Do You Stop a Cyberwar? | CNBC Explains)

Estonia suffered a massive cyberattack more than 10 years ago.(逾十年前,爱沙尼亚经历了一场严重的网路攻击)The event was a defining moment for the country and the world’s approach toward cybersecurity.(这件事决定了该国与全世界对于网路安全的态度)And it all started with this statue.(一切从这尊雕像开始说起)

欧巴马夫妇回答孩子们的超萌问题 (President Obama & Michelle Obama Answer Kids' Adorable Questions | PEN | Entertainment Weekly)

You should try.(你该试试看啊!)No.(不要。)C'mon, Stella.(拜托啦,为了 Stella。)

小矮人举手!来看看我们身材娇小的优势 (9 Perks Of Being Short)

Do you need more room back there?(后面会太挤吗?)Girl, no. I'm fine.(不会不会!)The Big Perks of Being Short.(小矮人的大优势。)

什么是健康的人际关系? (Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships)

Oh, You won't believe the day I've had.(噢,你不会相信今天发生了什么事。)It was so terrible.(超级糟糕的一天。)Casey, who's supposed to be my best friend, promised me that we'd go to the mall after school.(凯西,她本来应该是我最好的朋友,答应我今天放学后要一起去商场逛街。)

情人节可以送给自己的六样超赞的礼物|情人节送礼指南 (6 Genius Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Yourself | Valentine's Day Gift Guides | Refinery29)

This is my boy, Harry Styles.(这是我的男朋友 Harry Styles。)I love it when he smiles.(最爱他笑的时候。)If you are going solo this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret.(如果情人节这天你还是单身,不要着急。)

地球史上六次大灭绝!下一次末日将在何时到来?(The 6 Craziest Extinctions Ever)

Over 99% of the animal species that have ever lived are now extinct.(超过99%曾经存在的动物种类现已绝种)And sometimes, an event occurs causing changes so drastic that most species are completely wiped out within a short period of time.(有时候,一个事件的发生造成了剧烈改变,导致大部分物种在短时间内完全灭亡)So here are the 5 most incredible mass extinctions ever to occur,(现在要介绍史上五次令人无法置信的大灭绝)

IKEA 美食区没告诉你的秘密 (The Truth About The IKEA Food Court)

Admit it: You've pretended to need another BILLY bookcase for the sole purpose of loading up on some Swedish meatballs.(承认吧!你曾经假装要去买一个 Billy 书架但其实是为了那一大盘的瑞典肉丸。)As it turns out, that was all part of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad's master plan, way back when the first store opened in 1958.(其实呢,这是 IKEA 创办人 Ingvar Kamprad 在 1958 年开第一间店时的计画。)He figured well-fed customers would increase sales - and boy, was he was right.(他有了「吃好吃满的客人会增加销售量」的这个想法 - 而事实证明他是对的。)

为什么要和会骂脏话的人当朋友? (Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Curse)

Hey potty mouths, I'm Trace and this is a freaking DNews Short.(嗨臭嘴们!我是崔斯,欢迎收看超赞的 DNews)We've talked before about the history of swearing and how it can relieve physical pain.(我们之前谈过了骂脏话的历史以及骂脏话为何能减轻身体疼痛)But now new research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science(现在《社会心理学及人格科学》上刊登的新研究报告)

如果有时光机,女孩们想对霸凌的人说些什么? (Women Respond To Their Childhood Bullies)

I think what hurts the most is when you're young,(我觉得最伤人的就是在你年轻的时候)and someone makes fun of the way you look.(有些人会嘲笑你的外表)Because you can't control that.(因为外表并不是我们能控制的)

为什么不该告诉别人你的目标? (Here is Why You Should Never Tell People Your Goals)

One of the mistakes that I have probably committed hundreds of times is telling people about my goals.(其中一个我可能犯过了 100 次的错就是告诉别人我的目标。)Because most of the times, especially if I let people know about them, I do not achieve them, and it feels horrible when you say that you are going to achieve something, and then you end up achieving absolutely nothing for one reason or another.(因为大多时候,特别是当我让大家知道我的目标,我就不会实现它。而且当你说准备要达成什么事情,最终却因为某些原因而什么事情也没达成,那感觉是很可怕的。)I might simply lose interest in the middle of a project and quit or I might reset my priorities and postpone it!(我可能会在过程中失去兴趣然后放弃,或者我可能会重新整理我的优先处理事项,然后延后完成它。)

一段对话说出单身姊妹们的心声! (How Single Girls Discuss Relationships (ft. Shay Mitchell))

So, how's life going?(所以,过得如何?)I'm good. I'm good.(还不错,我很好)It's like I'm in a good place.(我觉得我正处于一个很好的阶段)